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Stucco Gaudi Decor

The Malaysian stucco decor collection Gaudi Decor is recognized as a leader in the Ukrainian market of building materials and meets all ideas about beauty and sophistication. The collection presents more than 850 items of decorative elements made of high-quality polyurethane, which can be used in any architectural style. Stucco will make any room majestic and luxurious, breathe in notes of romanticism and take you back to the Renaissance era. A country house, apartment, restaurant, office decorated with stucco speaks of the good taste of the owner and attracts with a special magnetism.

Due to its unique properties, polyurethane can easily recreate elements of any shape and complexity. Decorative elements of the Gaudi Decor collection are cast in special molds made of alloy steel with a polymer coating, and modern high-tech production allows for achieving clear relief and dimensions. Products of the Gaudi Decor collection can be purchased both as individual elements and as modules from which a composition is made according to the chosen style.

The stucco decor is presented in a traditional white color, before production the products are covered with a special synthetic film and painted with acrylic paint, which acts as a primer layer. After installation, the decorative elements of the Gaudi Decor collection do not require additional preparation and can be painted with oil, acrylic and water-based paints, as well as covered with gold leaf, patina, create aging effects and marble chips. Polyurethane stucco decor authentically imitates "live" gypsum, but does not crumble, is more durable than polystyrene, and is also able not to absorb and not emit odors, withstands temperature changes and is not afraid of moisture. Gaudi Decor products are harmless and can be used in any room, as evidenced by the international quality certificate BS EN ISO9002. The presence of flexible elements (flexes) is a great advantage, as it solves the problem of finishing walls with radius contours and is well стыкуются со своими жесткими аналогами.

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