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Decorative elements and ornaments

    An ornament is a decorative pattern that consists of flowers, shells, ribbons, ions, rhythmic sequential elements, etc. Designed for decorating ceiling spaces, walls, building facades, as well as furniture. They can be used alone or in addition to other molded products to create original panels and style compositions. Decorative elements are especially popular when creating modern design projects, as they add individuality and sophistication to the finish. Decorative elements made of polyurethane can be used in any architectural style and will easily help you cope with finishing flaws and turn them into advantages.

    Composition panels are modular decorative compositions that display stylistic figures and patterns. Presented in three styles: geometric, Egyptian and Jungle life. They have two main sizes: 283x283 mm and 566x283 mm, and are available in both standard white and golden brown. The main purpose of a composite panel is to accurately place accents in the interior, emphasize the chosen style and, if necessary, mask errors that occurred during repairs. You can use a compositional panel as a free-standing element, or combine modules into one style picture. The decorative panel can be hung by gluing or on the eyelet that each panel has.

    A wall panel is an artistic, picturesque decor of any shape and size, designed to fill any sections of the wall or ceiling area. Wall decorative panels can be used in bathrooms for wall cladding, in SPA salons, halls, offices, hotels and restaurants and other entertainment venues. Over time, the wall panel does not lose its shape, does not fade, does not crack, withstands mechanical stress, can be cleaned of dust and is not afraid that the product will deteriorate, if necessary, it can be covered with paints with decorative effects or painted with water-based paint in any tone that suits your needs. interior. The clarity of the drawing and the variety of thematic images will please any customer.

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